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We provide the following services:

  • Design and analysis of systems for measuring electrical and non-electrical quantities.
  • Design and development of methods for traceable calibration of test and measurement systems and devices according to national or international standards.
  • Analysis and prediction of the static and dynamic behaviour of measurement systems.
  • ISO 17025 (2017) support:
  • Uncertainty analysis of test, measurement and calibration systems according to ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurements, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 17025 (2017).

  • Uncertainty estimation and/or verification by Monte Carlo methods.

  • Calculation of Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC).
  • In-house courses on measurement systems, calculation of uncertainties, conformity decisions, metrological traceability, and related issues, tailored to your requirements.
  • Writing or editing procedures and other documents for content and style.
  • Support for organisations certified to ISO 9001 (2015) and related standards:
  • Selecting variables to measure and monitor to maintain product quality and conformance, and customer satisfaction.
  • Designing systems for measurement and monitoring of products and services for quality and conformity.
  • Management, maintenance, traceable calibration and verification of quality-critical measurement systems.
  • Statistical analysis of measurements to detect non-conformance, and ensure that measurement systems are performing as required:
    • Shewhart quality control charts,
    • Cusum and EWMA charts,
    • Operating characteristic curves,
    • Process capability analysis.

Current and previous consultancies and projects

Metrology blog

Medical Metrology.
A brief overview of metrology in medicine and a selection of our studies on this subject.

Measurement of ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica by Grace satellites
An invited presentation to the Metrology Society of Australasia, October 2010


Martin Turner B.Sc.(Eng) PhD, founder and principal of Biccard Measurement & Metrology, is an multi-skilled electrical engineer and metrologist with over 25 years of experience in metrology and measurement.   He has assisted various Australian laboratories obtain and maintain ISO17025 accreditation. He has consulted for industry in industrial instrumentation, electronics, opto-electronics,  mathematical modelling and biomedical engineering, and taught university courses in industrial and medical measurement at undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing engineering education levels. He has published 46 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, authored or co-authored 50 conference papers, and delivered over 11 invited presentations. Most of his publications are on measurement issues.

Martin has substantial experience in static and dynamic measurement of a wide range of physical variables including but not limited to flow, pressure, force, mass, temperature and humidity.

He is on the Membership Committee of the Metrology Society of Australasia and is a
voluntary technical assessor for NATA. Martin's experience on both sides of ISO 17025 assessments makes him well placed to assist facilities with accreditation and certification issues.


  • Uncertainty analysis for NATA accredited calibration labs.
    • We have experience calculating calibration and measurement uncertainties for a wide range of measurands including mass, water flow, water density, water temperature, air temperature, air flow, air density, barometric pressure, humidity, particle size, voltage, and coating thickness.
  • Design of measurement systems for NATA accredited calibration labs.
  • Development of methods of data analysis for NATA accredited calibration labs.
  • Writing and editing procedures and other documents for NATA accredited calibration labs.
  • Analysis of errors in measurements of temperature of high velocity gases in a nitrates plant, Kynoch Fertiliser Ltd, Johannesburg.
  • Design of level measurement system for mobile steel mill. Baldwins Steel, Johannesburg.
  • Consulting editor,  Flow Measurement Handbook, Temperature Measurement Handbook, Crown Publications, Johannesburg.
  • Design and development of a prototype novel wheel alignment system for road vehicles.
  • Review of electrostatic techniques for measuring the mass flow of pulverised coal in large furnaces. Eskom, Johannesburg.
  • Design, construction and evaluation of a novel system for measuring the frequency and step responses of real-time gas analysers. University of the Witwatersrand.
  • Design, construction and evaluation of a system for measuring the dynamic response of gas flow meters and pressure transducers in the frequency range 1 - 100 Hz. University of the Witwatersrand.
  • Design, construction and testing of an electrically isolated system for measuring rapidly changing temperatures of moving gases. University of the Witwatersrand.
  • Independent scientific credibility assessment of novel LED based lighting system. Flatwhite Lighting Pty Ltd, Sydney.


  • Development of novel prototype devices and techniques for improving the accuracy and reproducibility of Goldman Applanation Tonometry for measuring intraocular pressure.
  • Design of in-vitro apparatus for assessing thermodilution cardiac output measurement in small animals. AD Instruments, Castle Hill, Sydney.
  • Design and construction of a computer-controlled respiring human lung emulator. University of Sydney.
  • Consultant on design and testing of novel instrumentation for electro-optical detection of cervical cancer. Polartechnics, Sydney.
  • Safety assessment of the SharkPOD electrical shark repelling system, Natal Sharks Board.
  • Expert opinion for electrocution court case. Johannesburg.
  • Analysis of the biomechanics of a safety device for the gold mining industry, Anglo American, Johannesburg.
  • Design, construction, commissioning and calibration of an instrument to measure the rate at which sweat dripped from a man (in ml/hr) working in a climatic chamber. Chamber of Mines Research Labs, Johannesburg.

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