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We offer the following services:

  • Uncertainty analysis of test, measurement and calibration systems according to ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurements, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 17025.

  • Calculation of Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC).
  • In-house courses on calculation of uncertainties in testing, measurement and calibration, and related issues.
  • Design and development of methods and procedures for traceable calibration of measurement systems.
  • Assistance with writing procedures for authorising new personnel.
  • Editing procedures and other documents for content and style.
  • Design and analysis of electrical/electronic measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities, including: flow, temperature, pressure, humidity, displacement, force, acceleration and optical variables.
  • Analysis and prediction of the static and dynamic behaviour of measurement systems.

  • Anti-alias filter specification and design for digital measurement systems.

About us

Current and previous projects and consultancies

Topics in Metrology   (pdf)
A collection of short articles on current topics in metrology and associated fields. (Updated 15/9/2016).

Medical Metrology.
A brief overview of metrology in medicine and a selection of our studies on this subject.

Measurement of ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica by Grace satellites
An invited presentation to the Metrology Society of Australasia, October 2010


About us

Martin Turner B.Sc.(Eng) PhD, founder and principal of Biccard Measurement & Metrology, is an multi-skilled electrical engineer and metrologist with over 25 years of experience in metrology and mathematical modelling. He has consulted for industry in metrology, electronics, opto-electronics, measurement of physical variables, mathematical modelling and biomedical engineering, and taught university courses in industrial and medical measurement at undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing engineering education levels. He has published 45 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, authored or co-authored 50 conference papers, and delivered 11 invited presentations. Most of his publications are on measurement issues.

Martin has substantial experience in static and dynamic measurement of a wide range of physical variables including but not limited to flow, pressure, force, mass, temperature, humidity.

He is on the Membership Committee of the Metrology Society of Australasia and a Technical Assessor for NATA.

Martin is on the advisory panel of Medaval Ltd, a company established "to provide a comprehensive resource for medical device information and to promote the use of medical devices that meet the highest accuracy and performance requirements".

Current and previous projects and consultancies

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